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Welcome to the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center!

Come to Dolphin Touch Wellness Center, located in Old Kapaa Town, and experience our Water Massage table as you receive Dolphin Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture or have an Angel Card Reading. You can also attend a Meditation, Workshop or Class. We host speakers from all over the world and we have a spaces available for your workshop too! Visit our gift shop and center which is open Monday to Friday and for special events. Go to our Calendar of Events for more information.

We are Located on the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii with its divine and spiritual portals and special healing energies, Dolphin Touch Wellness Center offers a full spectrum of sessions, classes, workshops & Kaua’i adventures.  Our gift shop carries fun gifts and enlightening tools for your enjoyment.

We specialize in a new healing modality called “Dolphin Touch” which was channeled by Jeanne Russell. It involves energy work (Reiki) and bodywork combined. Read more about it under Services.

Come experience the spirit of the dolphins and connect with their love, joy and playfulness.  All of us at Dolphin Touch and all of our services have a connection to the dolphin consciousness.  Join us in helping fulfill the dolphin’s mission of raising humans to a higher level of consciousness.

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Meet our Practitioners

Wanda Simmons, MS, Lac

An accomplished Chinese Herbalist in her own right, Wanda believes that one is continually a student of Chinese Medical Studies and Martial Arts. In 2008, Wanda returned to Asia to further her studies at Dong Zhi Men Hospital, where she also gained further clinical experience treating Depression, Weight Management, Orthopedic Conditions, Immune Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Paralysis, and pain management from Trauma, Surgery, and Injury. She continued to work with Tom Bisio, teaching workshops in sports medicine and Bagua Zhang.

In 2009, Wanda completed additional training in Pediatrics, Wilderness Medicine and Infectious Diseases with the Global Alternative Healthcare Project (GAHP), becoming a member of the non-profit organization, which focused on bringing medical services to remote villages throughout the world. Wanda has journeyed and assisted in bringing medical care to the Navajo Indians in Arizona and also assisted with bringing medical supplies to the native people of San Marcos, Guatemala.

In 2010, always a lifelong lover of the beautiful string of islands in the Pacific, Wanda answered her soul’s desire to create a life for herself in Hawaii and a path to wellness for others. She formed Ahonui Healing Power Adventures- Kauai, with the goal of sharing her extensive knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts with those on the path to healing themselves- in the most magical setting one could ever imagine- Kauai.

In 2011, Wanda became a board member with “Na Keiki O Ka Aina”, The Children of the Land, which focuses on promoting the Polynesian Culture by way of teaching it to all children of Kauai. A student herself, Wanda continues to learn the Polynesian culture by way of studying the art of Hula dancing with her teacher, Kumu Kalena. In addition, she has also taken a few classes in Hawaiian drumming and Poi / Fire Spinning, as well as Hawaiian Herbs.

Since moving to Kauai, Wanda founded “Tribal Kauai” which focuses on transformational journeys for women. She continues to host many customized retreats, and has resumed teaching Ba Gua Zhang and Zumba as well as offering TCM sessions to those interested in individualized TCM treatments. Wanda has also started a new series called “Awakened Hearts” which features those who have followed their heart and passion in an effort to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

In an effort to assist her patients back in CT and NYC, as well as those unable to venture to the beautiful island of Kauai, Wanda is now offering successful distant healing sessions.

Wanda offers office, distant and in-home treatments by appointment. She also offers community acupuncture, healing, sports medicine, qi gong and martial art workshops.